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Victoria's Paranormal "Hitch Hiker"
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Purple Sage Paranormal (PSP) exists to research and collect paranormal data and evidence.   We operate on the premise that if you believe in the spirit world, you must also make the assumption that you may be communicating with a once living human being...someone's dad, brother, sister...
We only investigate in a thoughtful, respectful manner.

Paranormal or Supernatural...this has been a hot topic since Plato and Socrates argued the existence of the soul.

Can we as human beings be so arrogant to think we know all there is to know.  Everyday we learn something new. The world is not flat. We won't sail off the edge and Flash Gordon did fly to the Moon. 

Deep in a gold mine in the Black Hills of South Dakota, a team of scientists are looking for Dark Matter. Dark Matter contains no atoms, emits no light and doesn't interact with Matter through electromagnetic fields.  The only way it can be detected is how it effects the gravitational field of other particles.  Beyond that, we know nothing about it other than it makes up 20% of our Universe. 

Then there is Dark Energy.  We know even less about it. Dark
Energy makes up 70% of the Universe.  The 5% that is left is what we can see, feel and touch and is what we call Matter. Check it out below:

What is a ghost? We really don't know....alternate reality, Angels, Demons, Spirit Guides, Dark Matter...who are we really looking for and trying to communicate with? 

In one Light Source Communication event, I asked questions not usually asked by other ghost hunters:

1. Are there rules that govern how we can communicate with one another?  The apparent answer was yes.
2. Can you influence our daily lives?  The apparent answer was yes.

This opens an entirely new train of thought, one that we at PSP stay open minded and ever vigilant in our quest for answers.

Explore and enjoy the website.  We welcome your comments.

Thank You,

Roger Barton, Director

P.S.  To see the entity clearer in the picture with the mist, sit three feet away from the computer screen.

"Old Man at Mineshaft Tavern"
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OK Corral, Tombstone, Arizona
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